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My Favorite Online Campaign

  My Favourite online campaign is the old spice Smell like a man,man.While it is a short commercial, the longer version is 30 seconds long, I find it to be very engaging and funny ,and I seem not be the only one as it was very popular and even won awards. While there are lots […]

How to Manage your social media campaign

Setting social media campaigns is not enough when it comes to social media.The excitement of  setting up these accounts can however turn to fatigue when you realsie that once you have actually set them up you have to maiantain them that is work on getting your content up there because it is only by staying […]

My worst online ad campaign

There are a few things that makes an online ad campaign a bad bad idea.Sometimes you look at something and cannot avoid shaking your head in disbelief or make you want  to shout out what were they thinking!! For me one of those  moments is with this ad that appeared a while back.Here it is […]

Benefits of Digital Marketing

There are many reasons why we should all be paying attention to Digital marketing.Below are just some of them.  Your digital marketing will help you turn more lookers into buyers, giving your business more profits and increasing your customer base. More visibility for your brand. It is way of letting people know about your brand Better ROI, […]

My Digital Footprint

Digital footprint is very important .I did not really know how much until I started the Digital & Social Media Marketing and Sales on the course that I am doing at the moment-Web activate 2.0.We were asked to Google ourselves with the aim of  finding out what our online presence was with the aim of improving on […]

My role in the Lean start up product design and mock

We were asked to come up with a product  for an assignment. I guess the first thing was to figure out exactly what product we wanted to base our design on. We decided to go with a camera bag.Our idea was to have a camera bag that does not look like a camera bag Market […]