My thoughts on the Digital marketing module


One of the modules that I am studying is digital marketing.It has been an eye opening for me.I have learnt about all these things like seo, social media,digital marketing strategy and lots of other things that I had no idea about

Some of the topics have been daunting because it just seems like there is so much covered in them.Like one of our guest lectures said each topic could be a course in itself for example SEO is simply too wide to cover in the time allocated.HOWEVER the most important thing for me was being introduced to all these things and also being shown where I can go to find out more about them.

The onus is now on me I guess to do my own study to learn more,but also more importantly put them into practice.

I am thoroughly enjoying the module because what we have covered can be applied to any business on earth and maybe a few places in the galaxy as well.


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