Interesting blogs about Digital Marketing

Ok so this is a different post to the usual.I have gathered a few posts from around the web that I am loving at the moment.Enjoy

Seth Goding’s blog is well known and equally loved for the straight to the point style of writing.He has been around for awhile therefore there is a lot to learn from him.Head there when you have the time

The BrandBuilder
He doesn’t just understand Social Media ROI. He wrote THE book on Social Media ROI. Not just all unicorns and rainbows, Olivier can help you understand how to embed social as part of your business.
– The Brandbuilder Blog

Brian Solis
A social science take on social media. A lot of brain food comes out of this blog whether you agree or not, it gets you thinking. I like that.
– Brian Solis’ Site

Social Media Explorer
A more practical and often tactical take on what is going on in the social media world. Plenty of actionable tips.
– Social Media Explorer Site |Smart Insights

Some of the best digital marketing advice I ever got, I got from here. Smart Insights and Dave Chaffey got me through my uni course with flying colours. Thanks. 🙂
– Smart Insights Blog

A wealth of well researched news in the digital marketing sphere.
Econsultancy Blog


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