My Digital Footprint

Digital footprint is very important .I did not really know how much until I started the Digital & Social Media Marketing and Sales on the course that I am doing at the moment-Web activate 2.0.We were asked to Google ourselves with the aim of  finding out what our online presence was with the aim of improving on it.

Well before then I did not have any presence on line. I have created the following; Facebook, Twiiter, LinkedIn,Pinterest.I have also created a wordpress blog. Attending this class has made me realise that it is important to think about your digital footprint because employers will google you therefore it is almost as important as your CV.

Since setting up these accounts, I have also learnt since setting  up the accounts is half the battle. You have to pay attention to them the same way you would take care of plants. You have to cultivate followers, likes, followers the whole lot.y

My strategy

My strategy to increase followers,fans and likes is

  • Be active on all these accounts
  • Post regularly and remain true to my message but tell it in different ways

I have been trying to get  more followers,likes, fans but it has not been easy but then it is early days yet


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