My role in the Lean start up product design and mock

We were asked to come up with a product  for an assignment. I guess the first thing was to figure out exactly what product we wanted to base our design on.

We decided to go with a camera bag.Our idea was to have a camera bag that does not look like a camera bag

Market research 

  • The market research that I carried out showed that most of the camera bags on the market are great when it comes to functionality but they do not look very nice.They do the job but with photography becoming very popular even with non professional photographers,more people are looking for bags that are good enough for their cameras but will not look out of place in a restaurant,office or any other place.
  • Safety;Camera bags have the disadvantage of attracting thieves because they are so obvious.Therefore a camera bag that does not look like a camera bag would be preferred by people who are concerned about there safety for example women travelers.
  • Futherstill the opportunity to design new bags means that we have the chance to design bags for that will cater for different types of tastes and different proce brackets as well.For example bright and colourful bags
  • With this research,we knew that there was a market for this product.

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